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1 By 2006~2017, more than 48 credits must be earned from English major courses.

From 2018,

1) Major credits : More than 51 credits of major course credits (However, students who do not complete a double major, an interdisciplinary program, or a minor major must take 15 additional credits)

2) Major core courses : Introduction to English Linguistics, Introduction to British Literature 1
Spring semester Fall semester
Year Course number Course title Credits Course number Course title Credits
1 ENGL246 Thought & Language and Science & Creativity 3-3-0 ENGL241 Introduction to English Linguistics(Core) 3-3-0
ENGL247 English Literature and Mythical Imagination 3-3-0 ENGL248 Literary Theories on Imagination and Therapy 3-3-0
ENGL396 Introduction to American Literature 1 3-3-0 ENGL397 Introduction to American Literature 2 3-3-0
2 ENGL245 English Grammar1 3-3-0 ENGL244 Persuasive Speech in English 3-3-0
ENGL261 British and American Short Story 3-3-0 ENGL344 Advanced English Readings 3-3-0
ENGL271 Modern British and American Drama 3-3-0 ENGL347 English Grammar2 3-3-0
ENGL292 Introduction to British Literature 1(Core) 3-3-0 ENGL393 Introduction to British Literature 2 3-3-0
ENGL312 English Phonetics and Phonology 1 3-3-0 ENGL398 19th Century American Novel 3-3-0
ENGL351 English Renaissance Poetry 3-3-0 ENGL452 19th Century English Poetry 3-3-0
ENGL365 19th Century British Novel 3-3-0 HUCO212001 Humanistic`s and Counseling 2 3-3-0
ENGL443 Practical English 3-3-0 HUCO214001 Humanistic Counseling and Resilience 3-3-0
3 ENGL281 Critical Theory (Advaned) 3-3-0 ENGL352 Readings in English Prose 3-3-0
ENGL348 English Readings for English Majors 3-3-0 ENGL313 English Phonetics and Phonology 2 (Advaned) 3-3-0
ENGL422 English Syntax 1 (Capstone Design) 3-3-0 ENGL544 Communication in English 2 3-3-0
ENGL441 Communication in English 1 3-3-0 ENGL545 History of the English Language 3-3-0
ENGL442 English Morphology (Capstone Design) 3-3-0 ENGL550 English Composition2 (Capstone Design) 3-3-0
ENGL450 English Composition1 3-3-0 ENGL551 Theory of British and American Poetry (Advaned) 3-3-0
ENGL464 20th Century American Novel 3-3-0 ENGL555 Special Topics in British and American Novel (Advaned) 3-3-0
ENGL473 20th Century British Drama 3-3-0 ENGL565 20th Century British Novel 3-3-0
ENGL531 English Semantics (Advaned) 3-3-0 ENGL573 Shakespeare (Advaned) 3-3-0
ENGL553 Modern English Poetry 3-3-0 ENGL575 20th Century American Drama (Capstone Design) 3-3-0
ENGL423 English Syntax 2(Advaned) 3-3-0
Spring semester Fall semester
Year Course number Course title Credits Course number Course title Credits
1 CLTR021 Current Issues in English 3-3-0 CLTR035 English II 3-3-0
CLTR034 English I 3-3-0 CLTR043 History and Culture of Western World 3-3-0
CLTR101 Human and Nature 3-3-0 CLTR085 Introduction to Management 3-3-0
2 CLTR208 Intensive Writing 3-3-0 CLTR210 The Great Books Reading and Discussion 3-3-0
Spring semester Fall semester
Year Course number Course title Credits Course number Course title Credits
3 TCHR473 Teaching Logic & Writing : English 3-3-0 TCHR663 Teaching Materials & Methods : English 3-3-0
TCHR623 Educational Theories in Teaching English 3-3-0
4 TCHR522 Internship in School 2-0-4Weeks
* TCHR520 Student Guidance and Counseling 2-2-0
TCHR525 Theory and Practice for Prevention of School Violence 2-2-0
TCHR528 Introduction to the Pedagogy for the Handicapped and the Talented 2-2-0
TCHR529 Teaching Profession in Practice 2-2-0
TCHR552 Volunteer Activity in Education 2 2-0-60h
TCHR601 Curriculum 2-2-0
TCHR604 Teaching Methods and Educational Technology 2-2-0
TCHR606 Educational Sociology 2-2-0
TCHR607 Educational Psychology 2-2-0
TCHR609 Philosophy and History of Education 2-2-0
TCHR610 Measurement and Evaluation in Education 2-2-0
TCHR611 Pedagogy 2-2-0
TCHR612 Educational Administration and Management 2-2-0